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Hi and welcome to Mountain Crossings at Walasi-yi’s blog. We are  a premiere outfitter located at mile 30.7 of the Appalachian Trail. Lofty, cool, and breezy, the historical stone building housing Mountain Crossings @ Walasi-Yi (prun: Wa La See Yee) was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps beginning in 1934. The facility was completed in 1937, incidentally the same year in which the Appalachian Trail was completed. The A.T. itself passes through the building, marking the only covered portion of the trail’s 2100 plus miles.

Every year Mountain Crossings serves over 2000 hikers on their way to Maine. The staff evaluate over 500 packs each year and ship back over 9000 lbs of gear from the store. The personalized service and the spirit of the store and staff can be felt from the moment you enter the store. Mountain Crossings staff are well versed in hiking this trail, the combined experience of this team exceeds 15,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Since 1983 Mountain Crossings has helped outdoor manufacturers design product for the long distance hiker.

Over the past seven decades Mountain Crossings has become an important part of the Appalachian Trail history. We invite anyone who has imagined the dream of hiking the A.T. to come and enjoy the view, people, music, gifts, gear and gab at one of the most unforgettable places on the trail, Mountain Crossings @ Walasi-Yi

Mountain Crossings will take appointments with anyone wanting help in preparing for their next thru-hike, section hike, or weekend trip on the Appalachian Trail.
We hope to update this blog from time to time but the best way to keep up to date is to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Mountain Crossings’ blog!

  1. Looking forward to staying at the hostel and seeing the store again. Read Passin’ Thru, and enjoyed it immensely. My goal is to fly under the radar, so as NOT to appear as a character in your next book! Seriously, I appreciate allthe great service you provide to hikers, and to your community. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Read the book last year on Duffy’s recommendation. He has a signed copy. Stopped in yesterday to visit with the cats…tried on a perfect pack that is way out of my price range…bought a couple stickers. Wish I’d asked Sqwerll (sorry, Son, forgot how you spelled it when I asked) to sign the book!

    BTW, the young man who recommended Jim’s Smokin’ Que is my hero…thank you!

    We’ll be back, soon as we can.

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  4. Great new book just published about the AT. Talks about the store at Neels Gap. Called “Sometimes the Appalachian trail is…” by J. Michael Osmond. On amazon and kindle. Very funny!

  5. A great hiker hostel! Very helpful and friendly. I stayed here in Apr 2006 and passed through in Sept 2010. I really enjoyed both stops. It has a special feeling in the place that reminds me of going to Wrigley Field in Chicago. A very good store for resupply or upgrading your gear.I will look forward to passing through again in 2013.

  6. Just read Passin’ Thru that was given to me for my Sept 24th birthday. At 53 yo I am ready to MAKE THE TIME to start my dream of section hiking the AT. Looking forward to reading the blog.

  7. What a great service you provide to hikers! I passed thru there on March 16, 2011 while thru-hiking the A.T. What a milestone that was for me. I had survived the first 30.7 miles of the A.T.! Very empowering! A church from Birmingham, Alabama was set up on your patio that day cooking hamburgers for us hikers. What an awesome treat that was!
    Winton, I loved your book “Just Passin’ Thru”. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
    All the best to the newest owners of Mountain Crossing. I know it will be a memorable experience for them also.

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