Squarl and Holly on the CDT

More MTX Staff is headed for the hills! This time the wonderful Squarl and Holly are headed out for the Continental Divide Trail. The CDT is approximately a whopping 3,000 miles long. I say approximately because, though it is an official National Scenic Trail, it is not fully completed. This gives is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” feel at some points. Countless nights of sorting through maps and guidebooks have landed Squarl and Holly with enough of a basic plan of their route, but they will surely wing it as they hike along America’s most rugged of the three big long distance trails!

For those of you who don’t personally know Squarl or Holly, here’s an introduction:


Squarl and Holly are huge white water boaters. On any given weekend, you can find Squarl in a kayak and Holly in a canoe, crushing it!

Squarl has been a staple here at Mountain Crossings for about eight years! After thru hiking the Appalachian Trail after high school, he began his cycle of outdoor oriented jobs. When he’s not busting newbie thru hiker’s butts during a shakedown for carrying too much unneeded stuff, he’s either raft guiding or working at a ski mountain. His job often fluctuates with the seasons. The Appalachian Trail lead to a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, meaning that by the end of this fall, Squral will be a Triple Crowner!

Holly will be making her first entrance into long distance hiking on the CDT but she is not new to the outdoor lifestyle. She is a Black Fly sponsored open boat canoeist and has traveled extensively through her boating escapades. Holly is about as wild and untamed as the vast expanses of land they will traversing through so we aren’t worried about her falling into a rhythm in the wilderness. She’s got an excellent coach, an insanely upbeat attitude towards life and years of soaring through potentially bone crushing rapids to call on if the trials of adjusting to trail life do arise!

Naturally, before our friends set off for their great adventure, we had to have one last night hanging out. And what are friends for, if not for encouragement?!


A cake that says “You’ll Never Make It” Squarl is not amused. Thankfully, Holly is always amused!

We have such faith in them that we can confiently hassle them! They leave May 1st and we hope to see them here at the gap again sometime in October! We wish the best of luck to Squarl and Holly and though we will miss them a ton, we are so stoked for their months on end of fun time!!


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