7 Waterfalls Near Mountain Crossings

North Georgia is famous for its waterfalls. The Cherokee Indians who first settled this area called it the “Land of a Thousand Waterfalls”. Out of Georgia’s more than 200 falls, we can boast the 3rd, 4th, and 5th tallest falls in the eastern half of the United States. Even within a short proximity of Mountain Crossings, there are several great waterfalls to check out.

1) Upper Desoto Falls

How far from MTX: 4 min, 2 miles
Height of Falls: 200 ft.
Trail Length: 2.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Upper Desoto Falls is the tallest of the three falls at Desoto Falls Recreation Area. The Middle and Lower falls are on a separate trail.


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2) Helton Creek Falls

How far from MTX: 9 min, 3.8 miles
Height of Falls: 80 ft.
Trail Length: .25 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Helton Creek Falls is barely a hike at all with the pay off being visible through that trees from the road. It is one of the more popular waterfalls we recommend.

helton creek

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3) Dick’s Creek Falls

How far from MTX: 17 min, 9.8 miles
Height of Falls: 15 ft.
Trail Length: 0.0 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Dick’s Creek Falls in the Chestatee WMA is a bit hard to get to because you have to drive over a creek but it is right on the road and worth the journey.


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4) Blood Mountain Falls

How far from MTX: 25 min, 12.2 miles
Height of Falls: 80 ft.
Trail Length: .25 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Blood Mountain Falls is also over a creek or two inside of the Chestatee WMA and the hike down is fairly steep. Still the pay off is big, particularly on a hot day, because of the slippery rock slide on the bottom portion of the falls.


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5) Raven Cliff Falls

How far from MTX: 29 min, 17.8 miles
Height of Falls: 170 ft.
Trail Length: 2.5
Difficulty: Moderate

Raven Cliff Falls is a very moderate and beautiful hike along the creek which flows from the falls.


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6) Duke’s Creek Falls

How far from MTX: 31 min, 18.8 miles
Height of Falls: 250 ft.
Trail Length: 2.2 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Duke’s Creek Falls


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7) Amicaloa Falls

How far from MTX: l hr, 3 min, 41.2 miles
Height of Falls: 729 ft.
Trail Length: 2.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

Amicoloa Falls is a bit far from Mountain Crossings but it is the beginning of the Approach Trail up to Springer Mountain. 700+ stairs lead to the top of the falls.


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Much of this information was gather with the help of one of our favorite waterfall books here at the shop. For a book detailing all of the waterfalls mentions above and hundreds more, stop by the shop before hand to pick up Jim Parham’s Waterfall Hikes of North Georgia. Or click on the underlined, italicized title of the book to get it from our website.  It has photos of each waterfall and gives detailed information about each waterfall itself and the trail approaching the waterfall.

waterfalls of north georgia


7 thoughts on “7 Waterfalls Near Mountain Crossings

  1. Reblogged this on Get Out! and commented:
    Like waterfalls? The folks at Mountain Crossings at Neel Gap have put together a list of seven waterfalls near their location that are worth checking out. Some are easy to get to, some not so much but are worth the drive and hike. I’ve been to 3 of the 7…now I need to go see the rest…

    • Unfortunately, we did not take all of these photos our self. But with a DSLR camera, you can use the manual settings to take longer exposures or shoot at slower shutter speeds and it creates this effect on water falls. It is pretty fun to play with!

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