MTX Hosts a Folk Show!


Here at the shop we have a special night coming up. On Sunday night of July 12th, we will be hosting Jill Andrews as she covers the Southeast on her Push Play House Tour. If there is one thing that hikers can agree on, besides the fact that food is awesome, it is that music is awesome as well. Particularly when it is live! Jill is a folk singer and song writer who’s music had been featured on TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville. She has a new album coming out soon and has offered to play at the houses of fans everywhere as a part of her newest tour. Shop owner, George Seamon, is a huge fan of Jill’s and jumped on the chance to have a night of excellent live music here on the mountain.

Jill Andrews started her music career with a band called The Everybodyfields. They spent several years touring the country with three albums until Jill and co-frontman, Sam Quinn, each decided to pursue a solo career in 2009. Jill has since put out an EP, a full length album and is on the verge of releasing a second full album.

Come hang out at the shop for a night of great music. Jill’s hauntingly beautiful voice and acoustic guitar will speak to your soul. Grab your tickets while they are still available by following this link.


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