What in the World is a Lasher?!

Each year thousands of NoBo thru hikers set out for Katahdin from Springer Mountain and hundreds of SoBo thru hikers set out for Springer Mountain from Katahdin. We all know that these descriptions, NoBo and SoBo, tell us which direction a hiker travels, whether it be North Bound or South Bound. We all have also heard of section hikers who tackle the trail in smaller, more manageable chunks. But there is another kind of hiker out there that has just in the recent years past come to have a name of their very own.

Lasher is a relative new term in the culture of long distance hiking. Lashers are essentially the perfect mix between a full blow thru hiker and a section hiker. The term  is actually an acronym that captures the good humor of hikers everywhere: L.A.S.H-er stands for Long Ass Section Hiker.

As where section hikers take a week or two of vacation to knock out the trail in small pieces, a Lasher is out for months at a time and falls into the long term habits, customs and mentalities of traditional thru hikers. They are indistinguishable from thru hikers besides their itinerary.


This is Rain. He is from Texas and has been hiking south from Harpers Ferry. Next summer he will begin to hike northward to Katahdin. He is the very definition of a Lasher!

Lashers are a fairly new breed of hikers who may not be able to commit to the full six or so months to thru hike, but they get out a use up every moment of what time they do have! As the popularity of long distance backpacking grows, more and more folks are falling into this new style of hiking. If you are one of the many out there who dream of hiking the AT in full but can’t find the time, take a look into this unique way of hiking!


4 thoughts on “What in the World is a Lasher?!

  1. A few years back, my hiking buddy and I decided that we were S.A.S.H. hikers – Slow Ass Section Hikers.Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

  2. I guess iam a lasher. Wired2012 maine to Vermont. 2013New Hampshire to Rockfish Gap Va. 2015 Rockfish Gap to Springer Mtn. Awesome adv. Heading to PCT! Thx. For food 8)14)2015 had to come back from Blood mtn. Finished 8)17!2015 7months thx all trail angles! Too many too count. God bless!

  3. I have been a thru-hiker and a lasher. I completed a 15-year section hike of the AT last year by combining short trips with “long-ass” outings. My thru-hike was nearly 43 years ago, and people often ask me which is the best way to see the AT: A section hike or a thru-hike. My answer is yes. By the way, God bless the LASHERS.

  4. I guess i fall into that category. Started at Katadin, 2012 on to Vermont. 2013 New Hamshire to Rockfish gap Va. Rockfish gap Va to Springer mtn. Ga. Awesome venture! Also, thx for food 8)14)2015. Had to come back to get it! Thxs.
    All trail ANGELS!

    Wired,Lasher. 7mns. One day! AT DONE. Headed West PCT! See you in the woods.


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