Mountain Crossings’ Holiday Gift Guide

Alright folks, so wether you are one of the prepared of if this is your first realization that Christmas is just a short ways away, we’ve got some things here that will help you out! It can be so tough to think of the perfect gift for everyone on your list so we’ve gone ahead and taken care of the outdoor loving, AT hiking friend or family member! Just get them anything off this list and they will dig it!

Click on any image to link to the product on Mountain Crossings website. Prices listed do not include shipping or sale tax.

Start Small: Little Gifts/Stocking Stuffers

Appalachian Trail National Scenic Trail Magnet



This is the same image of the official National Scenic Trail plaque that one finds nailed to trees along the Appalachian Trail, except this is a magnet! It spruces up any refrigerator or large, magnetic faced kitchen appliance. It has a low profile so it stays on cars even during a car wash.

Official Appalachian Trail Logo Patch

AT 300-2


The official, copy written, Appalachian Trail Maine to Georgia patch is an excellent gift for any backpacker who is looking to decorate their pack or commemorate a hike.

Landmark Project’s Retro Appalachian Trail Sticker



We think this sticker made by the Landmark Project out of Greenville, SC is one of the coolest Appalachian Trail stickers we have seen to date. Give a little AT flair to a friend or family member to represent a beautiful trail on their car, Nalgene, notebook or whatever they’d like!

Appalachian Trail Shot Glass



Everybody has a souvenir shot glass from some random beach town but what about one of America’s long distance hiking trails?! That’s way more worthy of a toast!

Movin’ On Up: Stand Alone Gifts

Appalachian Trail Pint Glass



We think that there is no better time to drink a beer than right after a great hike! It’s the most satisfying a beer can possibly be. But unfortunately, it’s not always possible to be fresh off the trail. No fear! Drinking your beer out of an Appalachian Trail pint glass often gives similar effects!

Blood Mountain Trucker Hat



This Blood Mountain trucker hat not only has an awesome design featuring the tallest mountain in Georgia on the AppalachianTrail, it also comes in three great colors! Blood Mountain is quite possibly the most popular day hike in Georgia and if you’ve ever been the the summit, it’s not hard to imagine why.


Glow in the Dark Silicone Pint Glass with Mountain Crossings’ Logo



This pint glass is the only pint glass your friend or family member will ever need again!! (Except for re-buying it in all the colors possible!) This Silicone pint glass depicting Mountain Crossing’s logo is made by a company called SiliPint. They manufacture pint glasses that are unbreakable, dish washer safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and BPA free. Owning one of these cups make its easier to cut down on your possessions because you only want to use this one cup all the time! Oh, also, THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!!!

Sawyer Mini Water Filter


The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is still the lightest weight filtration system on the market for backpacking coming in at just 3 ounces. Besides being the go to way to filter water for backpackers, they make an excellent addition to a day pack for those just in case situation. Your day hiking buddy won’t even know its in there, but it could end up saving them from a long day of no water if the event ever arises.

A Walk In The Woods

AT 520-2


The Appalachian Trail community is abuzz with talk of the recent release of the feature length film adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Walk In The Woods. But we all know that the book is better than the movie! Give the reader on your list the original memoir that over took the AT community so solidly that it over took Hollywood as well!

Assorted Appalachian Trail Ceramic Mug


Another thing many hikers love as much as beer is coffee! These awesome ceramic Appalachian Trail mugs are perfect for transporting someone back to the peace and serenity of Nature while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. They also come in so many colors and glazes that everyone is sure to be pleased!

Getting Serious: They’ll Love You Forever!

Woolrich Appalachian Trail Blanket


This is hands down the coolest gift you can give someone who loves the Appalachian Trail! Every hiker has fond memories of their times on trail, so why not personify the warmth of the memories with a blanket! It’s so nice to wrap up in a wool blanket on a chilly day and when it is not in use, this particular blankets makes a wonderful accent piece of an AT lover!

Helinox Ground Chair



This chair is not only light enough to be carried on any backpacking or camping trips, but it is also comfortable enough to be used on a regular basis around home! It weighs in at only one and a half pounds, packs away into a tiny zippered case, and is super easy to put together. It is perfect to keep around the house for extra seating or stow away in the back of your car for just in case purposes.


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