Your Pre-AT Thru Hike Companion

It is 2016, which means that we are one huge milestone closer to the date and time when many folks will set out to accomplish a massive dream. The northbound thru hiker class of 2016 is nervously and excitedly ramping up for their treks to Maine: counting down the days, finalizing their gear, preparing their body and mind for the big task ahead of them and Waiting on Spring.


Mountain Crossings’ employee and 2013 Appalachian Trial thru hiker Carlie “Rainbow Braid” Gentry has a little collection of words that will help ease the minds of thru hiker’s looking to set out in the Spring. This eBook is a compilation of the collective thoughts of a hiker upon returning from her thru hike. She addresses many topics such as: fully understanding and accepting the commitment of a six month thru hike, what mode of preparation ended up being beneficial, what books were worth reading, what she wished she had known going into the first few days of the hike and much more.

Carlie “Rainbow Braid” Gentry made the big choice to thru hike in 2013 after graduation college with a degree in photography. Upon her return she began to work at the local REI and started writing for Appalachian Trails as the senior most contributor, save the creator, Zach Davis. She made the switch from corporate gear store to small business, specialty outdoor retailer a year ago when she took a job at Mountain Crossings. Carlie has been doling out thru hiking advice to all who ask on the Appalachian Trails webpage and on various sales floors for two and a half years now. Waiting on Spring is a compilation of all of those thoughts just waiting to be unleashed onto your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Get Your Copy Here


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