Sentio Cycling: A New Way To Ride


Humans were not always the well traveled beings we are now, with trains, planes and automobiles shuttling us to far off and exotic places. The Ancient Romans were the first among us to travel for fun. Before, travel had always been a means of survival. As we began to build permanent civilizations and began living in a single place, we also began to find a desire to travel for the sole sake of seeing new places. The Romans had a word for the amazing feeling that travel gives you. You know, that feeling when you kind of don’t know where you are exactly but it’s some where so unlike home, its super gorgeous, and you just can’t begin to explain it. They called that Sentio.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.43.44 AM

THIS is Sentio. Standing on the edge of a oceanside cliff on Route 1 in California gazing out into deep blue green waters of the Pacific Ocean!

Sentio Cycling is a group of hardcore adventurers who wants to bring that feeling of Sentio to as many folks as they can! Eli and Erin are a young couple out of Steamboat Springs, CO who have opened up a whole new world of cycling. Eli, Erin and their team behind Sentio Cycling build group specific cycling rides and tours for corporate events, charity fundraisers and private groups.

Brought to life in the fall of 2015, Sentio Cycling was founded on Erin’s love for outdoor adventure and Eli’s former experience in leading long distance cycling trips. They are both triathletes and avid mountain bikers. Along with their team of varied experts of route planning, bike mechanics, group facilitators and more, Erin and Eli lead groups on cycling trips all over the country. Sometimes a ride is just one day and a couple of miles. Other times a ride is multiple days and hundreds of miles long. Sometimes a corporation contracts them to facilitate a kick ass team building exercise of epicness most of us couldn’t imagine our bosses allowing. Other times they work alongside a group to drive awareness of a fundraiser for a great cause. They will even assist individuals or private groups in building the perfect ride! What these guys do is incredible!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.44.02 AM

A support van (or vans) is available for groups who request one.

It starts with a query form. They want to get a sense of what you are looking for. They want to know what sort of riders you have and what kind of ride you are looking for. You lay out your needs and wants for them and they take it all and hit the ground running on building a perfectly tailored ride for you and your group. They will structure your days based off of how many miles you want to ride and how tough you want it to be. They can take you over all the hills, or avoid as many as possible. They can even plan in fun, restful activities for days off during the ride. These guys will go so far to make your ride perfect that they will even provide an event photographer and assist in making custom jerseys or t-shirts! You can request that a chef accompany you on your ride if your group needs one and, of course, a bike mechanic will be ever-present to resolve any possible bike mishaps. If you have a dream of experiencing this land on two, man powered wheels but have no idea what in the world you’re doing, these guys can ensure that you are going to have an incredible time and that your ride will go off without a hitch!

Maybe you’ve got a bit of cycling experience and do not need a guide. Sentio Cycling can simply use their expert knowledge of route development to create the perfect ride and then hand it over for you and your group to enjoy on your own. Whatever you need, they have it!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.45.24 AM

Mountain biking rides are on their menu as well!

Check out more from this fledging company who is destine for great things with this fresh, new take on adventure!

Click here to learn more about Corporate Rides!

Click Here to learn more about Charity Fundraiser Rides!

Click here to learn more about Private Group Rides! 



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