Outdoor Gear Builders of WNC and the Get In Gear Fest

If you’ve ever been to Western North Carolina, you can probably agree with the statement that it is an absolutely gorgeous part of the Southeast! You can also probably agree that the people who live there are as awesome as the majestic mountains and raging rivers that make up WNC. These great people haven’t failed to notice that they live in one massive outdoor playground and with all their unique heart and soul, many have found a way to both enjoy their environment and foster it within the community at the same time. One such group is Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina.


OGB is a group of outdoor gear companies who are all working out of Western North Carolina. Collectively they are makers of backpacking and camping gear, footwear of all sorts, water sports gear, kayaks, SUPs, bicycles, climbing gear, backcountry foods and more! Companies such as Light Heart Gear, Liquid Logic, Eno, Astral, Defeet, Wasup, Harmony Foods and Misty Mountain, just to name a few, (see them all here!) have banned together as gear makers in WNC to focus on providing quality, local products that help promote the local communities in which they were created. They believe that shopping local goes much further than the grocery store!


The world of specialty outdoor gear can be a tough one. There are a lot of options for customers out there and there are a lot of big box stores who get a lot more press but may be unable to provide the perfect piece of gear for an individual. The specialty outdoor gear industry is working to fill those voids but, as the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina have found, it is a lot easier of you’ve all got each others back! They are looking to make WNC the hub of gear making on the East Coast, making it an easy and enjoyable environment for companies to move into or build themselves from the ground up.

Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina is amping up the awesome next weekend during their up coming Get in Gear Fest in Asheville, NC on Saturday, March 19th! From 11am to 5pm in Asheville’s River Arts District, you will be able to demo gear made by these awesome companies. Take a mountain bike for a spin! Jump in a tent and feel it out! Paddle a kayak on the French Broad River! These guys are hands on and understand that checking out a piece of gear is important. Plus, they just like to have fun! There will be local food and beer as well as all the locally made gear! Come hang out in an excellent mountain town and check out the gear companies that keep the heart of the region pumping strong!

Click here for a video of last year’s Get in Gear Fest!



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