Walking the Walk: For the Love of the AT


Here at Mountain Crossings we stress Leave No Trace Practices on trail and encourage people to take personal responsibility of the trail they are hiking. We don’t mean to be a bummer to the group of college kids on spring break who want to build a new fire pit or to the hiker who doesn’t care to dig a deep enough cat hole. (Okay, really, we don’t care if we bum them out because their actions bum us out and many other hikers, too!) But for as much as we gripe about mirco trash falling out of pack pockets, or trashing being left or burned in fire pits, we do take personal action against such things. We just don’t feel like its right to preach one way of being and not live it out it out. That is why this year we set a challenge for ourselves inspired by the Packing It Out guys who we met last thru hiker season! So naturally, we decided that this thru hiker season, we would pledge to pack out as much trash as possible during our personal adventures out into the wilderness. The friendly competition not only got us out on trail more, it also resulted in a surprising amount of trash being hauled out of the woods!


Weighing up trash that is no longer in the woods is a super fun use for a pack scale!                                 


Silent Bob weighs up a haul from a day hike.

Thankfully, we have easy access for weighing up bags of trash! Our pack scale worked double time this season as a scale for weighing all of our trash.


The winner of our challenge this year!!

The winner of our challenge this year was Jason!! Jason packed out just shy of 150 lbs. of trash in the first 4 months of 2016! Those of you who have been in the shop may be familiar with this awesome guy! Even before we came up with this fun little game, Jason would spend his off days out clearing trail after storms or collecting trash. If you don’t know Jason well, you can read about him on another blog post.


Our clip board after the end of thru hiker season.

Altogether, we packed out just over 350 lbs. of trash!


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