The Future of Resupplying?

One of the biggest hurdles of preparing for a thru hike of any long distance trail is to wrap your brain around “the hiker resupply”. Six months in the woods definitely doesn’t mean carrying six months worth of food, but how much do you carry? And what do you carry? Not to mention, how do you get that food? The answers to these questions vary greatly on the speed of the hiker, certain dietary restraints and preferred mode of resupplying.

You can carry as much or as many days worth of food as you’d like, skipping over towns or resupply points if desired. While on trail you can chow down on whatever foods tickle your fancy, even if that consists mostly of Oreos and Sour Patch Kids. But interestingly enough, there are only a few ways to actually go about the act of resupplying.

Traditionally, you either got off trail and found a decent place to purchase food locally or you had a pre-packed resupply box sent to you from back home and picked it up at a scheduled location. But these days, there is a new way! It combines the ease of having a box sent to you in town with the flexibility of choosing what you want to eat when you are currently craving it.


Welcome, Zero Day Resupply! Made by and for thru hikers, this company has a vast amount of hiker favorite online that you can sift through and create your next resupply while on trail or in town, planning ahead. Then it is mailed to you up trail, to wherever you specify. What better way to take full advantage of a zero than actually being able to relax? Why walk up and down the aisles of Dollar General grimacing the prospects when you could be chillin’ in a hostel or motel, catching a midday matinée of The Goonies because you already picked up your resupply, which you ordered from your phone when you were relaxing on your last zero day. So easy and so simple.

This new way to resupply can even open up new possibilities in your hiking arrangements. Say you and your buddies are crushing sammies at the Appalachian Deli in Garrison, NY after scaling Bear Mountain and crossings the Hudson. It’s a great convenience store and you’ve picked a few good things because you’ve heard the resupply in Stormville, NY is a bit hit or miss. No worries! Hop on your phone and get on Zero Day Resupply and jot down a little order to have waiting for you in Stormville so you know for sure that you’re getting what you want! It’s Brilliant!


What makes this service even more incredible is that it is nearly as cheap as buying food as you go, but you save so much time and hassle. Their items are generously well priced, even in the eyes of a thru hiker. And, in the end, you don’t have to worry about wasting time or not being able to find a full resupply in a crummy location. Because Zero Day Resupply is the brain child of a former thru hikers, the selection is smartly curated for the taste of long distance backpackers. You will surely find many of your favorite available on their site.

Not only does this site make finding your food take a lost less miles over six months, it also helps you calculate the weight and calorie count of your resupply! You can save lists of foods and start each resupply out with the old trusties before adding new foods and you can even set up a donations page where friends and family and send you a resupply box!

So the next time you are heading out for a long hike or even just for a section, remember that there are new ways to resupply in our modern world! Check out Zero Day Resupply for an easy and painless experience! (Take the “tour” to see all food varieties.)

Zero Day Resupply boxes stacked up and ready to be sent out to hikers all over!!

Zero Day Resupply boxes stacked up and ready to be sent out to hikers all over!!



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