Another Summer, Another Speed Record Attempt!

About this time last year, we were presenting you with news of Scott Jurek breaking the supported speed record of the Appalachian Trail. If you don’t remember Scott’s journey, jog your memory with this blog post from last July celebrating the vegan ultra runner’s incredible feat of running the Appalachian Trail in 46 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes. Narrowly securing the record by 3 hours from Jennifer Pharr Davis, the previous record holder.


Karl Metzler: third time is the charm for AT speed record!

Now, the record is up for grabs again! Karl Metzler, yet another ultra runner, is setting out to take on the task beginning in August. Karl holds the most wins of 100 mile races of any human ever and has already run 2000+ miles twice before, once on the Pony Express from California to Missouri and once on the Appalachian Trail in 2008, though no record was set. He is well acquainted with and prepared for the days ahead, to say the least.


Karl during his 2008 record attempt of the AT. He finished but did not set a new record.

Unlike Scott, who started at Springer Mountain in late May, Karl will be setting out in early to mid August to from Mount Katahdin, taking on the trail South Bound. He spent a few weeks running with Scott last summer, who a good buddy of his, and got a great feel for the world of fully supported hiking. He also has the benefit of being a full on omnivore and will be crushing steaks, ice cream and beer provided by his support team as he makes his way down trail. Not only this, but Karl is backed by Red Bull, which he claims to be sipping on nearly all day long when possible!


Karl during a 2014 record attempt that didn’t work out.

His goal is to finish the trail in at least 46 days, once again shaving off the time of the record by just a few hours. If you want to follow along check out this website. Here you can learn more about Karl as an athlete and his diet on trail. Once he sets out, you can even track his progress and see his steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and much more! We found the “By The Numbers” portion very interesting: Karl will go through a new pair of shoes roughly every 2-3 days, have approximately 121 crashes over the course of the trail and listen to nearly 690 hours of the Grateful Dead and other tunes. We like this guys already!!




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