Wilderness Therapy and Beer

To many of us, drinking a beer in the mountains IS Wilderness Therapy, but for many troubled youth, this special subset of therapy is a second chance at getting a hold of their lives and forging a healthy path of self reliance and self respect. Those are the key goals of many Wilderness Therapy programs, including the Jason William Hunt Foundation.


This foundation out of Ohio looks to not only keep alive the memory and spirit of Jason William Hunt, but also Jason’s desire to help at-risk youth through Wilderness Therapy. Who was Jason? Just a guy. A guy with a huge love for the outdoors and a heart for helping kids find their way through life with the help of exposure to the outdoors. He was a rock climber who lost his life doing what he loved but not before spending ample time working for many Wilderness Therapy programs and gaining a higher purpose to his life.

Now the Jason William Hunt Foundation is seeking your support by asking you to drink beer. Think you can help them out?!

Throughout September and October the Foundation is raising awareness for Wilderness Therapy with the help of micro breweries in 13 states across the country. According to the Foundation website, “each brewer is designating a beer for the month and will make a donation at month’s end to the foundation’s scholarship fund based on that beer’s sales.” So by drinking beer you are helping an at-risk kid get the help they need and have a life changing experience. We don’t know about you, but we are on board!


Our neighbor North Carolina is one of the 13 states on the list and we have selected a few breweries in Asheville (an incredible town for beer and the outdoors) that we highly suggest you check out. There are nine other breweries across North Carolina that are also participating so feel free to check those out if you can’t make it to Asheville.  

Wicked Weed Brewing Company — Get the Dirndl Bock


Oyster House Brewing Company — Get the Moonstone Oyster Stout


One World Brewing Company — Get the Mountain High Rye


The Foundation asks:

“When you stop by to enjoy their brew please
1.thank the management for participating
2.take a selfie with the management/staff
3.post the selfie on social media of your choice
4.use the hashtag #cheerstowilderness
5.Remember to include brewery’s name in post.
6.EX. Thanking 50West #cheerstowilderness”


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