12th Annual Hemlock Festival

We are well into Autumn now and that means one of our favorite local festivals is right around the corner! The Hemlock Festival, held in Dahlonega, GA, always comes about during the first full weekend of November. The dates for 2016 are the 4th, 5th an 6th. Mark your calendars!


There are two reasons you should pencil this event into your busy life! The first is that it is an excellent excuse to have a fun filled weekend in the beautiful north Georgia mountains during the best time of year. The Hemlock Fest is designed as a music festival, with bands playing way into the night. But the entertainment doesn’t stop at music. There is food, vendors, artisans, and educational workshops throughout the weekend. Not to mention camping, canoeing and hiking along the walking trails of Starbridge Sanctuary, the privately owned land the festival is held on.


The second reason to attend this event is to benefit the efforts of the Lumpkin Coalition to Save the Hemlocks! On the east coast, our Hemlock trees are fighting a battle with an invasive species from Asia called the woolly adelgid. These parasites suck the sap from the tree, killing it within years. Hemlocks in Asia and on the west coast have predators that keep the adelgid population in check but they are running rampant on the east coast with out a natural predator. The Lumpkin Coalition, who hosts the Hemlock Festival each year, has been working with many other local groups to help save the hemlocks.


Woolly Adelgids affecting a Hemlock tree.


Close up of Woolly Adelgids on a Hemlock tree.






Each year the Hemlock Festival is a super fun weekend! Look into ticket information for a full weekend of camping or day passes to the festival here. If you are looking for a family event, there is a lot for every one at the Hemlock Festival! Help us Save our Hemlocks while having a great time!


A grove of health Hemlocks!



One thought on “12th Annual Hemlock Festival

  1. I well remember the youthful fascination I had with the clusters of Hemlocks in the woods of NW Pennsylvania. Not the tall mature ones but the thickets of smaller trees huddled together and forming those magical secret hiding places from the rest of the forest. My novels are splattered with those Hemlock sanctuaries holding both friend and foe for either escape or ambush.

    See you in March. NOBO 2017.

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