Congratulations 2016 Thru Hikers!

This past week I did a social media post calling all 2016 thru hikers to send me their pictures. Mountain Crossings wants to congratulate all ya’ll on your awesome journey! Thanks to all who sent in pictures, it has been fun looking through them. Now let’s take a look shall we?


“Brightside” NOBO 3/7 – 7/27


“Dirty Bowl” NOBO 4/15 – 8/11


Hannah and Danielle NOBO ? – 8/21, They raised nearly $11,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention throughout their journey.


“Headshot” NOBO 4/8 – 9/7


“Hoot and Padfoot” NOBO 4/12 – 10/15


Clockwise from the guy in the yellow vest, “Goat, Verge, Sweets, Jingle, Mountain Goat, Princess Peach, Training Wheels, Legs” NOBO various – 8/25


“Ninja” NOBO


“Stephanie” NOBO


“Sweets” NOBO 3/20 – 8/25


“The Kid” NOBO 4/4 – 9/2


“Slipper and Tripper” NOBO


“Wankles” NOBO Early March – 9/21


“Holy Diver and Ghost” NOBO 4/7 – 9/15 Holy Diver is now a Mountain Crossings employee 🙂 


“Stitch, Sonic and Lavender” SOBO 6/1 – 10/9

Wow what a crew! Now we have a deal for those wanting to give their thru hiker a special gift this year. We will take 16% off the thru hiker medals pictured below. It is a great commemorative medal, great for showing their accomplishment. Plus you can make them wear it and take pictures of them 🙂 Order yours today!


For those thru hikers who may not want to give themselves a medal, we will take 16% off your item of choice in our AT gift section! You need something tangible you can see and use to remind you of your hike. Check it out here and pick something for yourself!

Use  code “Classof16%Off” to get your deal today!


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