What Do You Do While You Hike?

Hiking all day, every day, can get pretty monotonous. I have had people ask me if I get bored, and the answer is actually, not really. Here are some things you can do while you hike to prevent yourself from getting bored.

Appreciate nature
I hike alone a lot and I mostly just appreciate my surroundings and let my mind wander. I think this is the best pastime while hiking. You can hear things rustling in the trees, you can focus on the trail ahead of you, and just think about whatever pops in your head. There are so many exciting things on the trail from plants, animals, and people, that I feel I don’t need anything else usually. When I start to feel tired or weary, I take a break and refuel to continue on the next stretch. There are many forms of technology now and we always seem to have something we are listening to, or watching, that taking a break from it is nice. That being said, I do occasionally appreciate technology.

I do have a tiny little Nano iPod that I carry and there are a few things I like to listen to if I am just really needing a boost. Music is always nice. I only have a few of my favorite albums that I play and I listen to them while I’m hiking to town. I am usually anxious to get a nice meal and shower so having some tunes helps me not think about town too much.

Audiobooks are great to make the time fly by. I listened to a few on the trail and the day just seemed to disappear. It really distracted me from the monotony of hiking and I enjoyed the books. Be careful though because I know there was at least one good view I missed out on because I was enthralled in my book. Only have a few on your device so you don’t get carried away just focusing on books while hiking. Audiobooks can be expensive, so downloading an App like Audible can cut down on price of audiobooks with a subscription.

I recently discovered Podcasts and find them very interesting. They are shorter than an Audiobook so you can listen to them if you are waiting for a shuttle, or just need a quick 30 minute break. Podcasts are free if you have an iTunes account so you can download a bunch ahead of time and just have them on hand if you want them. I recommend Serial, S-Town, This American Life, and Up and Vanished. These are the ones I have listened to and I think anyone would enjoy them.


Hiking with headphones

Grab a friend and hike with them! Even if you plan to be alone, hiking with someone for just a few hours can be really fun. You can meet so many interesting people on the trail and everyone becomes an instant friend. Sometimes you like people so much you decide to just keep hiking together and you become a little family. It is hard to find someone that hikes your exact pace, but slowing down to talk with someone for a bit can be nice. You can also just plan to meet up for lunch and snacks throughout the day.

If you run out of things to talk about, there are other activities you can do. On trail trivia is fun. If you know more about say State Capitals, you can quiz everyone else. You can hum music tunes and have everyone else guess that song. I like playing “Who Am I?” where you think of a person, and everyone has to figure out who it is by asking yes or no questions. There are a zillion games out there! You can make up your own!


Hiking with friends

Everybody is different. Do what you like the most while hiking whether it’s alone, with music, or with people. Enjoy the trail in whatever way you like!


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