Get Off The Grid Festival

Mark your calendars for August 18th, 19th, and 20th for an incredibly fun weekend full of music, during which you will be exposed to all sorts of wonderful and important ways of sustainable living in the mountains, as well as experience a total solar eclipse that you can tell others about for years to come!

Blairsville is very proud to be the host of a music, arts and culture festival called the Get Off The Grid Festival, a solar expo and fair centered around sustainability. This three day festival, powered entirely by renewable energy, is preceding a solar eclipse that passes through North Georgia on August 21st. Come up Friday, stay for the weekend for the music festival and stick around on Monday for a prime view of the eclipse of the sun from one of several events happening throughout the area.

This festival isn’t only your typical music fest, it is a declaration of a lifestyle that is growing across our country and will help shape a secure and healthy future here in America. The North Georgia News says, “The goal of Get Off The Grid Fest is to collaborate with renewable energy and sustainable living businesses and enthusiasts, performers, organizations and vendors by providing a gathering space where people share tools, ideas, workshops and stories about getting off the grid. Get Off The Grid Fest especially wants to highlight Union and surrounding counties’ organizations, businesses and vendors that incorporate renewable energy and aspects of sustainable living and environmental awareness into their daily interactions.”

As an outfitter situated along the Appalachian Trail, particularly in Georgia where the trail gets some of its heaviest use, we see the need for sustainable practices in relation to our environment in our everyday lives. We are elated to hear that our community is seeing the value in that as well! Please come out and enjoy Get Off The Grid Fest, support the movement towards renewable energy and sustainable methods of living in our North Georgia community!

Get Off The Grid Fest boasts great music like Donna the Buffalo, Copious Jones and so many more! There will be solar demonstrations by several different solar companies, talks by bee keepers, an individual who helped write some of Americas first renewable energy policies for presidents, presentations by local organizations working in various fields of environmentalism and sustainability.

Tickets for the festival at the Union County Arena are only $30 for the weekend and they include a CD! Come join us for an awesome weekend!


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