PSA: Eclipse Day Saftey!

This is a preview from an eclipse in Norway of what the sky looks like in the middle of the day when a Total Solar Eclipse sends the moon passing by the sun!

The Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st is just around the corner and it is ramping up to be an event like no other. Even local schools in are are opting to let out school for the day to extending the school day so children are not riding the bus at the time of the event. The Forest Service in are are are warning that our little home in the Chattahoochee National Forest may be quite the hotspot for viewing the event. As many visitors to Mountain Crossings know, we are located at the very top of the mountain as far as road traffic is concerned and the roads leading to us are steep and winding. These roads make for a wonderful drive through the mountains and are even part of several well known loops for motorcyclists and bicyclists. Add in being the closet point to Atlanta to view a Total Solar Eclipse that won’t happen for another several hundred years and you’ve got a recipe for some traffic!

For all who are driving towards Blairsville and Dahlonega to catch a glimpse of the moon passing over the sun (in totality for just shy of 2 minutes!) we urge you to be patient, plan ahead with a possible back up plan or two, and be thoughtful and considerate to others in where you choose to park a car and view the eclipse. In an estimation from the Forest Service, the already potentially treacherous roads carving through the Chattahoochee National Forest may be lined with cars wanting to catch a clear view of the Eclipse. There are many safe pull off areas on these roads, but the number of them are far less than the expected number of visitors. Please do not put yourself of other motorists at danger in choosing a spot to watch the eclipse.

There are many places that are hosting viewing parties where parking will be much safer than on the side of a road. Mountain Crossings is one of those places where you can safely watch the eclipse! We will have lunch and eclipse glasses, which are needed to view the eclipse without the danger of damaging your vision. In fact, there are plenty of places where you can catch a glimpse of this phenomena in our area! Union County is expecting to more than double its population for a day as 40,000 viewers are projected to find a places within the totality band to catch the eclipse.

Besides careful driving, the most important factor of safety on the day of the Eclipse is wearing the proper eye protection. While the sun will be no stronger than it is on a typical day, we typically are not staring at it waiting for a once in a lifetime event to occur! It is massively important that if you are planning on viewing the solar eclipse during the times it is entering and existing totality that you wear NASA Approved Solar Eclipse Glasses. Mountain Crossings will have glasses available for all who attend our event but we urge all viewers anywhere to make sure they are properly protecting their eyes against the strong UV rays of the sun. The retina of the eye does not feel pain, so you are unaware that you are damaging your eye sight until the harm is irreversible. Please be safe, wherever you choose to view the Eclipse!


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