The MTX Eclipse Viewing Party… In Photos!

As many of you know, Mountain Crossings hosted an Eclipse viewing party this past Monday, the 21st. We were one of many venues at which you could catch a glimpse of this once in a life time (for most) event of the moon crossings over the sun during broad daylight. Check out these photos of the day!

The parking lot was packed out for the day! Here is a shot of viewers looking into the sky!

Mountain Crossing Employees snuck onto the roof to get the best view possible!

We don’t know about you guys, but we were pretty blown away by what we saw! Sam’s and Tyler’s faced say it all. And Jason, as always, simply smiles!

Matt and Terry, owners of Blood Mountain Cabins and neighbors of Mountain Crossings, climbed up high for a view.

Dusk at 2:30ish pm! How cool?!

The “Snake Shadows” were something everyone was told to look for. We found them!


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