Congratulations 2017 Thru-Hikers!

At Mountain Crossings, we wanted to dedicate a blog post to congratulate all the 2017 thru-hikers! About a week ago, we asked ya’ll to send us your finishing pictures so we could post them on our blog. Here they are and enjoy!


“Amazon” March 20 – September 5, NOBO

Banana Split Club

The Banana Split Fan Club
Calories, Brave, Banana Split and Pickles
Started on various dates between March and May but all finished on September 25, 2017, NOBO



“Bangles” Flip-Flop, summited Katahdin August 29, and Springer November 12


“BC” July 14, 2001 – June 29, 2017, Section Hike – sections every year for 17 consecutive years!



“Burning Man” and “Peach”, March 4 – August 21, NOBO
Bonus picture: Them crushing pizza on a cold day at Mountain Crossings!


“Fresh” March 1 – July 7, NOBO


“Lumberjack” March 8 – September 16, NOBO


“Lunatic” February 8 – July 11, NOBO – third AT thru-hike


“Nope” February 18 – June 28, NOBO


“Puddin,” “Waterboy,” and “Peaches” also known as “Dem Teepee Boys” – They all met at Mountain Crossings and hiked the trail together.

rolling thunder

“Rolling Thunder” June 4 – November 11, SOBO

Seth Rogen

“Seth Rogen” March 31 – October 14, NOBO



“Lost” May 16 – October 18, Flip-Flop


“Alpine” January 1 – June 13, NOBO


“Pretzel” October 22-27 Tahoe Rim Trail


“Starcrunch” and “Pano” May 1 – September 23, NOBO PCT

Congratulations again to these thru hikers and every other 2017 thru hiker! You should check out the AT medal for yourself, or a friend who recently finished the trail. If anyone is interested in thru-hiking in the future, please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop by the store! We love talking about thru-hiking and helping others achieve their goals. We are also hosting an AT Prep Class that’s taught by this January and February. Find out more information on their website here. Happy Holidays!


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